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We Live Again

Brenda Harwood
Past Life Therapist

My name is Brenda Harwood and the purpose for this website is to bring together like-minded people who have experienced spontaneous recall or far-memory. I myself had this experience in 1978 when I was twenty-nine years old. At the time I was just living a normal life as a housewife in Blackpool, Lancashire with my husband Neville.

It all started when I was watching a TV drama based on the life of the Elizabethan poet and playwright William Shakespeare entitled "Will Shakespeare". From that experience I have written two books My Truth and the current book I Live Again, which has been published this year.

This experience has made a huge impact on my life, which changed from that day on. There are many people out there I am sure who have experienced what I have and like myself have changed their lives too. Some probably find it hard to cope at times, talk about it or learn to live with the memory of who they were.

It can take over your life if it is not kept under control. There are those like myself who can "click into" the character of the person they were; thus bring forth their mannerisms, characteristics, speech and so on. Leading on from my experiences I decided to do a course in Past Life therapy. I completed the course and received my diploma from the Past Life Therapists Association in 2009. Other qualification is a Reiki Master diploma, which I received in 2008.

All correspondence will be kept in the strictest confidence.

I would like to build up a group of people who could in time share their experiences with others of like-mind.

I offer therapy to help and assist them to help them to come to terms with the issues they are experiencing, and I only want genuine people - no time-wasters please as this hinders those genuine people who are in need of help.

Love and light


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